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Thursday, July 27, 2006

21st Birthday Party - 15th June 2006 (late blog sorry!!)

Well guys i apologise for the late updates! been a tad manic in old aussie land! Jet setting to New Zealand has put me a week behind!!!

What can be said about the 21st birthday party.....well a lot of organisation from the girls of course!! Nothing new....nick sat back and did the music (that no one could really hear all night! Beer blocked ears!) The drinks flowed as quickly as the people arrived....more than 70 people!!

I can only name about 10 of them!!! how bad is that!! As the cake shows Eric and Cheryl (Nicks mum and dad) arranged a joint birthday party which was amazing!! Guess who embarrassed herself with 'oooooooh my name's on the cake!!" in front of everyone before Eric could start his speech!!!! A think a few to malibu / vodka and cokes mixed with some terrible cowboy shots were too blame for that!!!

It was a brilliant night enjoyed by all and in true Nick style he hugged the toilet bowl before falling into the middle of bed...feeling as crook as anything!!! Poor love couldn't move without being sick not only throughout the night but the next day too!!!! heheheh ones own fault!! he did insist on drinking what ever people handed to him!!! Not much can be said for me either...the minute i stopped concentrating on making sure he was ok did the stomach start flipping and the head start pounding!! Think that means a good night was had!!!

Well guys thank you all for the birthday texts / cards and pressie i really appreciated it!!!! I had a fantastic birthday as the continuing blogs will tell you!!!!!


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