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Monday, July 17, 2006

Back in Australia July - September 2006

Well i finally made the long trek back to the other side of the world to spend what is turning out to be a cold summer with the boyfriend (Nick!). Can't believe somewhere where it is always considered 'Hot' can be so cold!!! Admittedly the cold is like the british summer but with a crisp wind but the Aussies like the think either something is better or worse than England, so i have to say this is cold!!!

This the longest trip i have made to australia as i am here until the start of term in September!! We have lost of things planned so there will be plenty to write about and bore people with! hehe!!

The flight out here was pretty good....i actually managed to sleep 9 out of the 12 hours from the Uk to Malaysia which was influenced by a couple of herbal sleeping tablets! and for those who know me i was petrified i wasnt going to wake up but hey you were all right!!! I then spent 3 hours with Daniel and Nikki whom i met on the plane....lovely people a little alternative but nothing wrong with that!!!! Sipping coffee and hearing how they were heading to Brisbane for a conference on diabetes!!! interesting!!! The final leg of the flight was tiring due to the sheer excitment of seeing Nick after 6months!!!! Met Orla, an irish student who had never been away from her parents (she was 21!!!!) so she decides to do a year study here in New South Wales - wont be too hard for her i hope.,....not like she can hop in the car home....way to do it though! Dive straight in at the deep end!

Seeing Nick at Sydney airport, after being told off by customs for thinking i had to declare 50 double deckers (choco bar!), was amazing....hadnt seen his beautiful smile for ages...was the best thing since sliced bread!! Spent a magical couple of days in Sydney catching up before returning to Tingira Heights to see the family with whom i shall be staying with until september!!! Lovely people who make it harder to go as much as nick does!!!

Anyway i shall post througout the trip especially when i return from my birthday trip to New Zealand for a week!!! exciting!!!!


Blogger Donna said...

Hey siany!! u lucky so and so,you seem like you are having an amazing time!! not jealous in the slightest!!!!!!!! you lucky thing!!! i want you to take lots and lots of photos of everything and anything, especially all the random things that make you laugh!! i am heading back to the shire in two weeks (God help me!!) so when you get back i may come and visit you??!!! (If thats okay!!) and then we can have a big catch up!!! say Hi to nick (hopefully he does not hate me that much!)
keep having fun!! Dxxxx

2:44 AM  
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