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Friday, July 28, 2006

New Zealand (3) - Wanaka

After reaching the ground after an amazing Glacier walk we hit the road again to Wanaka - Queenstown little brother! Yet again another beautiful place surrounded by snow capped mountains and little cafes to please even the fussiest of coffee drinkers!!

Wanaka is such 'restfull' can seriously relax and enjoy the slow pace of life within the centre but for the more adventure seekers head to Mount Aspiring for the adventure you could possibly digest!

Nick and I decided that we wouldn't hit Wanaka to hard with the adventures but just soke up the atmosphere and challenge the brain in 'Puzzling World' - the only place with a Labryinth Maze! Kept Nick entertained or should be say lost for a good hour or so! Seriously this place was weird! One room was full of faces which followed you where ever you went...creepy!! I got tot experience life at 7ft, as we played in a room similar to what they used in the Lord of the Rings! Nick experience being a Hobbit!!! very funny! Nick also experienced what it feels like for me when i scream out i feel sick in the car! This room was fascinating to say the least...the floor was slanted but all the pictures etc made the room feel like it was normal...very diorientating!!! Can a pool ball really fall upwards???!!!!

After challenging the brain and giving up on many of the puzzles we headed back to 'Henriette / Betsy' (the name of the campervan!) to hit the frog and toad (road) to Queenstown - adreline junkie heaven!


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