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Friday, July 28, 2006

New Zealand (4) - Adreline Junkie Town (Queenstown)

After 6 harpins on the side of a mountain we pulled up at the campervan site in Queenstown ready to sample the lifestyle of the 1000's of adreline seekers! Not meaning to repeat myself but seriously every place you visit in the South Island is beautiful and especially on the west coast, is surrounded by more snow capped mountains!! Although one down fall for this picture post card down is how busy it is...after settling into the quiet lifestyle of places like Wanaka, the hussle and bussle is a little off putting but grows back on you!

We explored the centre for the 1st day and thought about what adventure we were to seek, initally thinking we wouldnt do anything as the Glacier walk would be all we would talk about! After a few beers we decided we couldnt leave without doing something (would hate to have regrets!) so after searching through some brochures and speaking to the 'I;Site' people Nick decided he would do a sky swing over the town! I chickened out and believe me i think mostpeople would! We headed up the mountain side of the gondola (an adventure in itself) and heading towards the platform and watched as a man weighing 111kg took the leap!!! Not a nice sight and sound and didnt put the confidence in me for Nicks turn!!

I won't go into too much detail about the whole swing but lets say i was more nervous for him and he througholy enjoyed it!!! Skipped his way back to me when he was unattached and would certainly consider doing it again!!

After he recovered from the excitement we made our way to the 'Luge' - a go-cart kind of thing which you steer down a track! and of course over cautious Sian came last! Loved it though!!!! we then made our way down via the gondola to be attacked by photo people trying to sell us a picture of us on the gondola....seriously who would want a picture like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once again we realised we were running out of days before our return to cold Australia and had to hit the road back towards Christchurch.....


Blogger Becci said...

Just thought I would say 'HELLO'! I was unaware that you could leave a comment before your email tother day- missed that bit! Sounds like your having an amazing time. Enjoy every minute of it n hopefully see you when your back soon. Hello to Nick by the way - hope he's okay!!
love Beccixx (N Ross! x)

7:57 PM  
Blogger moya said...


How ru? Omg Sian the pics are so stunning! Look at you climbing a flipping glacier! It does look proper lush and sounds like you're having a fab time. I'm new to this blogger thing but keep the updates going wanna her all about it.

Take care babe, will see you in Sep hopefully. Say howdie to Nick.

Loads of love Moya,

2:10 AM  

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