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Friday, July 28, 2006

New Zealand - Christchurch and Hitting the Road

What a 21st birthday present to recieve!! Couldn't believe Nick had organised this trip!!! He managed to keep it quiet up until a couple of days before! People even kept it quiet throughout the party even when they were intoxicated! Very impressive!!We flew out from Sydney mid-morning to land in Christchurch, in the South Island for early afternoon and it was COLD!! 10degrees or something stupid like that!!!! Tad chilly!!

Christchurch is an interesting place in that there seemed to be nothing orginally New Zealand in it! The shuttle bus driver from the airport to the hostel filled us in on all the details - Very British place, all the street names are Britsh (Hence Worcester St.!), based on the grid layout of Adelaide (South Australia) and most of the churches were American themed!! Still it was a pleasant place with lots of places to enjoy the local beer and dance the night away! Plenty of Irish Pubs as is always the case!!!

The 'Old Country House Hostel' was an amazing, very looked after hostel (my choice of course!) which served as the bed for the night before collecting the campervan from 'Backpackers' early the next morning! Well it would have been early had the beds not been so comfortable and the showers so nice and HOT! Lovely little place! The campervan was an interesting choice of accomodation but for $40 a night (20pounds!) and on wheels it was superb and the only way we would have been able to see all that we did!!!

We left Christchurch mid afternoon on the friday in hail, rain and snow and after hitting the PaknSave (Chav supermarket) for numerous tins of soup and beans we hit the long and winding road across the island through Arthurs Pass to Hokitikia!! Arthurs Pass was amazing....driving through snow capped moutains (the setting of Lord of the Rings!) - a little hairy at times with steep drops either side but Nick got us through safely!!! We stopped at Arthurs Pass Village for a well earned Hot Chocolate for the map reader (ME!!!) and watched as Kea's (sadistic parrots) ripped the rubber of cars and grown men run out like babies and brush them away with sticks!! Very funny! After heating the frost bitten toes and trying to find a radio station we hit the road and arrived in Franz Josef and settled the night in the 'Rainforest Retreat' - caravan/camp/hostel/motel site with sauna's and spas inclusive of the price!!! NICE!!


Blogger yo4rker said...

Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again.

7:09 AM  
Blogger Ching said...

I loved The Old Countryhouse too! Those were the best showers I've ever seen at a hostel - hot, good water pressure, and nice plexiglass doors instead of grotty shower curtains!

2:22 AM  

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