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Friday, August 11, 2006

Volunteering Work!

Volunteering work is amazing and i am loving every minute of it! I know i should be kicking back with the pimms and a lemonade (not exactly the weather for it but one can wish!) and enjoying my time here but i need something to keep the brain active and challenged!!! Dont want the cobwebs to form!!!

I am currently volunteering in two schools: the Hunter School for Children with Autism (5 boys in an early intervention class ranging from 3 1/2 - 5yrs old) and Plattsburgh Public School!! Two completly contrasting places with a lot to offer!! I am working with the 7's and under as i realised it would be good practice ready for the not so daunting final KS1 placement!! Truth be told i was pretrified to start of with, only with the age, but now i am loving it and can see why people love early years teaching!! I have a lot of stories to tell but to keep it short here are some points about what has been happening to during my work:

  • i have been spiderman, batman, a pirate, catwomen, mr.x and called 'darling' on several occasions
  • built a house, a ship, a castle, been in a boat (actually a climbing frame but the imagination was there) and dug for treasure in sand, found worms, had worms thrown at me and seen children eat worms
  • watched a little boy eat shaving foam, eat sand, dirt and chalk
  • had a chair thrown at me (several times), been kicked, punched and slapped, been told to f**k off, been called a b**ch!!! All by a 4 year old!!
  • Been cuddled by children who hate contact with people (1st person he has ever cuddled!!!!!!)
  • Read endless books, been asked whether we have PC's in the UK, whether Singapore is next door and asked if i have met the Queen!!!
  • Been told i have a weird accent and been told 'your not from around here are you?' in an FBI manner!!

All in all had a barrel of laughs and cant wait to go back tomorrow!!

P.s if anyone can support this cause it would be really appreciated: visit


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