Returning to Australia

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Whats up in Aussie Land!!

Hey guys,
Well we have been back in Aussie Land over a week and everything is pretty much back to normal after our jet set to NZ! Nick is back at uni (not working hard!) and work and im being lazy at home!! Finding the laziness hard!! So to overcome it i am doing some volunteering work (havent got a working visa!! dont wanna be deported!) in a couple of schools! I start tomorrow in a school for children with Austism which should be an interesting experience and something more to add to the CV ready for the manic job hunting next term!

Nick and i are planning a couple of days away in the Hunter Valley - thanks to Emma and Jonno (Nicks sister and brother-in-law) for the gift voucher! Should be nice in a spa villa, sampling wine!! Believe me i wont be drinking too much white wine after my experience in Canterbury and we all remember that!! Also hopefully going to be doing my sky dive then!! aaaaah!!!! loving it!

Got a couple of 21st birthday parties to attend as well!! One at the race course! should be interesting! Dont think i will be betting on the horses though! Got an addictive nature!

Anyways i will keep you updated with more interesting stuff as and when it happens!!!
Missing you all (you lucky so and so with the flipping heat wave!!! Typical!!)

Sian x x x x (&Nick) x x x x


Anonymous Cheryl said...

Hi Sian,

This is great - feel like I was there with you ( and of course wish I was!!)

Cheryl xx

3:03 PM  

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