Returning to Australia

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Feeding the Pelicans at Pelican!

Thats right i went to feed the pelicans at a place called Pelican... i'll give you three guesses as to why it's called Pelican!?!? Its a lovely place right on the lake! Nicks dad Eric, has been doing a lot of fishing since i have been here catching up to 15 black fish at a time so we had a lot of skin and bones to dispose of... and what better way than feeding the Pelicans! Giving back to nature!!

It was a scary experience for a girl who has been chased by a swan, but i dont think these dumb birds are that dangerous just curious!! Still i wasnt taking any chances and let Nick do most of the feeding... they kept coming to close to me!! Think they could sense the fear!! Still i would certainly do it again!! how often can you do it in the UK!


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