Returning to Australia

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I jumped out of a plane from 1400ft!!

OMG so I have been talking about this Sky dive since I set foot on the sunny shores of Australia and I did it!! I cant believe I actually let myself throw my body out of a plane and the best part is I did it with a SMILE!! Maybe it was to cover up the sheer fear but still it looks better than a frown!!

It was an amazing experience that Nick didn't get to do with me as he refused!! But hey he did do the sky swing in NZ so he had his adrenaline rush!! I think I would have been more nervous had Nick been in the plane ... I feel everything for him! My tandem master was a guy called Nick, lovely man who has been jumping for 8 years!! The jump suit was an interesting look which I don't think I pulled off all that well!!

As we reached the point of no return (14000ft!) and the door was open I didn't even have time to think about the fact that I was now going to be hurtling towards the ground at 215kmph!!! Nick, flipped us out of the plane so that we were the only tandem who did a forward roll out of the plane .. thanks!! made the stomach turn!! and down we went ... panic stricken because I couldn't catch my breath that well I tried to smile at the girl shoving a video camera in my face and look like I was actually enjoying myself!! after a couple of breathless minutes, I relaxed and enjoyed the ride whilst being spun round and round in the air over the most spectacular view I had ever seen! At 5000ft or what felt like less the parachute was open and with a sudden jolt we were flung back up in the sky to come down with a gentle glide!!

After stupidly asking "the parachute is open," Nick led us down, letting me steer the parachute (not good for anyone who has experienced my driving!) and we played on some thermals for a while before making our way to the landing spot. We were the last down after a good 10-15mins in the air (a lot longer than the others had) and didn't I come down with a bump! Not the best landing but still I made it down alive!!

I don't know whether I would do it again some time soon but it is seriously something people have to experience at least once!!


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