Returning to Australia

Monday, December 04, 2006

Guess whose back in Australia!!! Trip 3!

Finally i have made it back to the place i love so much and the one person i love so much in the world!! Its amazing to be back although the weather certainly hasn't made a very good effort!! Its RAINING!! Can you believe that, you travel across to the other side of the world for rain! Apparently it will heat up by the end of the week!!! Fingers crossed!!

My flight was DREADFUL ("Thank you for flying Gulf Air!") so not looking forward to the next one but i have better things to concentrate for the minute!! Nevermind i am sure they will pick up the pace sometime in the near furture and a) not give my requested meals away (im a vege!) b) be so damn rude and c) the turbulence might not be there (Gulf Air cant be blamed for that but im going to) and to round it all over they wont rummage through my suitcase!!!! (they could have at least done it up!) All in all a good flight! NOT!!!

Anyway i will keep you all posted with the antics of this trip!
Love to you all Sian x x xx (&Nick) x x xx


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