Returning to Australia

Friday, December 08, 2006

Whats been happening so far .... Flipper Died!!

Whilst i was back in the UK, Flipper died!! Not too impressed about that seen as i know Nick should have been feeding him every day which he obviously didnt if he died! Nick swears he looked after him but admitted he did get flushed down the toilet and did not receive a proper burial! To make up for it, Nick bought me another fish yesterday which we named 'Doggy' after our friend, as he had to fly back to Melbourne before he too could purchase a new addition to the Cowling household! Once i have a picture of him i will post it asap! He is beautiful though!

Nothing much has been happening in the last week, Doggy has visited from Victoria and the boys have watched all cricket matches!! (I am now becoming a pro at all the cricket jargon! Not!) and we went in search of a big grass hill on Mt. Sugar Loaf so they could slide down it on pieces of cardboard! Much to their disappointment there was no large grass hill as his mum had promised but i did get to climb the extra 10min walk (Nick can parked practically on top of Mt. Sugarloaf!) to the top which gave some amazing views! We also showed Doggy the delights of the Wineries, which we througholy enjoyed!! Lots of wine tasting and drunkeness! If wine and beer wasnt enough they came home and drank their way through a bottle of 'Morgans Spice' in old Canterbury 'Righteous and True' style. After which they decided that they were to get Rightoeus and True tattoos!! Thank God that passed!!

We are (the Cowling family) heading up the coast to Surfers Paradise for xmas to spend it with Marg and Jim, which will be fantastic! Very excited about it! So i will keep you all posted!!

Love to you all
x x x x


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