Returning to Australia

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Whats up in Aussie Land!!

Hey guys,
Well we have been back in Aussie Land over a week and everything is pretty much back to normal after our jet set to NZ! Nick is back at uni (not working hard!) and work and im being lazy at home!! Finding the laziness hard!! So to overcome it i am doing some volunteering work (havent got a working visa!! dont wanna be deported!) in a couple of schools! I start tomorrow in a school for children with Austism which should be an interesting experience and something more to add to the CV ready for the manic job hunting next term!

Nick and i are planning a couple of days away in the Hunter Valley - thanks to Emma and Jonno (Nicks sister and brother-in-law) for the gift voucher! Should be nice in a spa villa, sampling wine!! Believe me i wont be drinking too much white wine after my experience in Canterbury and we all remember that!! Also hopefully going to be doing my sky dive then!! aaaaah!!!! loving it!

Got a couple of 21st birthday parties to attend as well!! One at the race course! should be interesting! Dont think i will be betting on the horses though! Got an addictive nature!

Anyways i will keep you updated with more interesting stuff as and when it happens!!!
Missing you all (you lucky so and so with the flipping heat wave!!! Typical!!)

Sian x x x x (&Nick) x x x x

New Zealand (5) - Lake Tekapo and returning Henrietta / Betsy

Well the trip finally came to an end with us having to trek back to Christchurch from Queenstown - a 6hour trip so we thought! We decided to break the trip up and head to Twizel near Mt. Cook (highest mountain in the NZ Southern Alps) straight after Nick completed his jump and we had Luged it back down to the gondola!! The drive to Twizel, as with all the other drives, was beautiful and full of snow!! Arriving in Twizel was a little disappointing in that it was dark and we couldn't see the amazing scene that had been depicted in the travel book and after driving around we realised that there was no point in staying there so we headed to Lake Tekapo which meant we had less to drive the next day - the day Henrietta / Betsy had to be returned!!

Lake Tekapo was interesting to say the least...You could drive through it without even realising you had!! We stayed at the only camp site / motel / campervan site it had to offer which transported you back into 1970's!!! But with waking up to this view it made the cold shower and ancient facilities worth while! Seriously you didn't want to say in the toilets to long for the smell and the hundreds of mirrors which made it feel like a scene from 'I know what you did last summer!' Nice!! After giving away what little bits of food we had left (peanut butter, pumpkin soup, weetabix and tea bags - should keep them fuelled for a while) to a couple of girls from Kidderminster (madness!) we hit the frog and toad, leaving the snow capped mountains, across the plains into Christchurch, which took no more than 2hours!! A lot less than anticipated!!

Handing over Henrietta / Betsy was a sad occasion, although you couldn't feel a little pleased that you were sleeping in a proper bed for the night and she wouldn't be taking any more petrol money out of us! Seriously how much petrol does a 2person campervan need - she drank through it like water!!! Bless her!!

We had a night to kill in Christchurch before the flight home at 6am the next day so we hit the shops - spending quite a bit of money on some stunning Jade jewellery for me! Well Nick did get to swing from the top of a mountain! It was only fair!! And after getting separate take-aways we hit the hay for a couple of hours before heading to the airport at 430am!!! Only to discover the plane was delayed for 2 hours due to FOG in SYDNEY!!!! How often does Sydney get fog for Christ sake!!

Waving good bye to New Zealand as the sun finally rose at 8am, we began to plan the next trip.....