Returning to Australia

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Trots and my addictive nature!

Well we hit the first of the numerous 21st birthday parties we are attending before i come home and believe me it was an interesting experience! To celebrate Steves birthday Teona his girlfriend, had organised a night at the 'Trots' (shown in the picture!) with a buffet meal and free bar tab!! Nice!! Of course me not knowing what the 'Trots' actually meant other than something to do with horses had questioned Nick and was told it involved a horse, chariot and spears!! quite dangerous apparently! well after the whole 'shopping centre under the sydney harbour bridge' (which of course there isnt for those who think there is!) episode i didnt take my chances and asked around his friends who also told me the same, so there i was with this image of a Roman style chariot race!! nah nothing of the sort but still a good experience!

After watching 2 races and trying to work out how the hell you place a bet with all the odds etc i decided i would have a go and my betting theory was to go with the flashing lights (the lights which flash to show the 'favourite') so off i went and put a $1 (approx 80p!! spending the big money!!) on a horse....first time i've bet in my life and i WON!!! hehe!! loved it!! i think i won about $5 back which was impressive for me! So that got me started and the bets kept coming 7 in total and i only lost 2!!! Pleased i finished on a looser though as i think i would have got carried away!! I didnt spend too much money either keep the boundary at $5 at that was usually spilt over 3 horses rather than on one!! As you can tell i know nothing about betting! Nick lost $30 but won $40 on one race (the only one he won!) and Steve (birthday boy) lost $500!!!! Seriously i think he has a gambling problem!! Poor Love!! Once the racing had finished we hit the town to be confronted by a whole bunch of chavs - the usual people out on a saturday night! Not good so we hit the road home after about an hour!! how lame....

The trip home was an experience that i shall bore you with.... we were picked up by a friend of Alans whose car smelt of gas the whole trip, which gave me the giggles, whose passenger seat was broken so it remained in the 'laying' position! Poor Peno who was sat in the back seat behind it had an uncomfortable trip and her driving well lets just say people think i am a bad driver! Seriously this girl changed lanes without looking and her eyes were too busy staring at the McFish burger she was trying to eat 90% of the time!! Not Good!! All in all it was a funny experience!!