Returning to Australia

Friday, August 25, 2006

Hunter Valley = A LOT OF WINE!!!

Nick and I finally managed to get up to the Vineyards to spend Emma and Jono's present/voucher -having stayed up till 3am to finish Nicks essay off!! I even did some of the Vertical Analysis! (Worked out percentages! Sounds posher the other way!) so not too sure whether the essay will be as good!!

The accommodation was beautiful....much to Nicks amusement on arrival the name 'Chez Vous' was written in Love hearts....tickled Nick the whole time! and the place had an obvious Paris/French theme which Nick found even more amusing! Still it was nice to have a really nice place to stay with a very nice spa bath!! The owner was a little strange...had a rather large top lip which was made obvious by the bright pink lipstick! but still nice none the less!!! They had a wonderful King Charles Spaniel called Louis who kept me entertained when checking out!

The wine tour we went on was soooooo much fun!! I tried really hard to find a nice wine I actually enjoyed per usual I pulled a face for each time I didn't like it...I tried not to but it just didn't happen!! Finally settled for the dessert wines which as per usual are more expensive and you only really get 1/2 a bottle but still I will savor every moment of the 2 bottles I bought! We had a nice bunch of people on the tour especially Vanessa and Dave (a guy from Cumbria) who were celebrating Dave receiving his permanent residency visa!! Ended up having drinks them in the Irish Pub (Harrigans - how many Irish pubs are they in Australia!)! Really nice! We spent lots of money in the wineries but got some real good deals including 12 bottle os Shiraz (for Nick of course) for $30 which makes it $2 a bottle (one pound!) couldn't believe it! We also go 24 bottles of wine for $100 instead of $260!! Don't you just love it when people produce more wine than they can sell!! Seriously though we couldn't believe it!!

Still we had a fantastic time...shame it was only a couple of days...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Are they winning or loosing!?

I just had to show you this picture from the Trots....can you tell whether Peno and Nick are winning or loosing their bets....i'll give you 3 chances!!!!

Everyone meet Flipper....Flipper meet everyone!!

I have finally got a pet!!! A gorgeous googly eyed fish called Flipper!!(He's the black one!) All i need is another one to call Flapper and then i will be complete!!! Flipper has to stay here in Australia though...i dont think customs will let me take him on the plane!! So Nick is going to look after him for me until i return!!! I certainly will miss him ( the fish that is!hehe)