Returning to Australia

Monday, December 11, 2006

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Friday, December 08, 2006

Whats been happening so far .... Flipper Died!!

Whilst i was back in the UK, Flipper died!! Not too impressed about that seen as i know Nick should have been feeding him every day which he obviously didnt if he died! Nick swears he looked after him but admitted he did get flushed down the toilet and did not receive a proper burial! To make up for it, Nick bought me another fish yesterday which we named 'Doggy' after our friend, as he had to fly back to Melbourne before he too could purchase a new addition to the Cowling household! Once i have a picture of him i will post it asap! He is beautiful though!

Nothing much has been happening in the last week, Doggy has visited from Victoria and the boys have watched all cricket matches!! (I am now becoming a pro at all the cricket jargon! Not!) and we went in search of a big grass hill on Mt. Sugar Loaf so they could slide down it on pieces of cardboard! Much to their disappointment there was no large grass hill as his mum had promised but i did get to climb the extra 10min walk (Nick can parked practically on top of Mt. Sugarloaf!) to the top which gave some amazing views! We also showed Doggy the delights of the Wineries, which we througholy enjoyed!! Lots of wine tasting and drunkeness! If wine and beer wasnt enough they came home and drank their way through a bottle of 'Morgans Spice' in old Canterbury 'Righteous and True' style. After which they decided that they were to get Rightoeus and True tattoos!! Thank God that passed!!

We are (the Cowling family) heading up the coast to Surfers Paradise for xmas to spend it with Marg and Jim, which will be fantastic! Very excited about it! So i will keep you all posted!!

Love to you all
x x x x

Monday, December 04, 2006

Guess whose back in Australia!!! Trip 3!

Finally i have made it back to the place i love so much and the one person i love so much in the world!! Its amazing to be back although the weather certainly hasn't made a very good effort!! Its RAINING!! Can you believe that, you travel across to the other side of the world for rain! Apparently it will heat up by the end of the week!!! Fingers crossed!!

My flight was DREADFUL ("Thank you for flying Gulf Air!") so not looking forward to the next one but i have better things to concentrate for the minute!! Nevermind i am sure they will pick up the pace sometime in the near furture and a) not give my requested meals away (im a vege!) b) be so damn rude and c) the turbulence might not be there (Gulf Air cant be blamed for that but im going to) and to round it all over they wont rummage through my suitcase!!!! (they could have at least done it up!) All in all a good flight! NOT!!!

Anyway i will keep you all posted with the antics of this trip!
Love to you all Sian x x xx (&Nick) x x xx

Friday, September 08, 2006

Last post of this trip!

The time has come that i must leave this beautiful place and the amazing people that occupy and make it the place it! I can't believe come sunday i will be boarding the plane ready to settle back into the manic life that i have in the UK!

I have had a fantastic time here and done, yet again, some things i would never consider doing anywhere else! I intend to come back at christmas so this site will be down for about 12 weeks but i will certainly be posting again will all the antics from yet another trip around the world!!

To all the people who have entertained me whilst i have been here... thank you so much and i will miss you all ... to all the people back home ... Can't wait to see you all!!

Love to you all
Sian x x x (& Nick of course!) x x x x

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Feeding the Pelicans at Pelican!

Thats right i went to feed the pelicans at a place called Pelican... i'll give you three guesses as to why it's called Pelican!?!? Its a lovely place right on the lake! Nicks dad Eric, has been doing a lot of fishing since i have been here catching up to 15 black fish at a time so we had a lot of skin and bones to dispose of... and what better way than feeding the Pelicans! Giving back to nature!!

It was a scary experience for a girl who has been chased by a swan, but i dont think these dumb birds are that dangerous just curious!! Still i wasnt taking any chances and let Nick do most of the feeding... they kept coming to close to me!! Think they could sense the fear!! Still i would certainly do it again!! how often can you do it in the UK!

Something for Kate

After much discussion we finally got the tickets organised for this gig and managed to persuade some more people to join us at the Bar the Hill at Nicks uni...

Having not heard much of Something for Kates music, only a really old album, all of us decided that we would hope and prey they played just one old song.. Monsters... so that we could all have a sing song and Jimmy and I could have our special hug ... didn't happen though!! They played a couple of songs we all recognised and we all decided we would be purchasing the new album but we all left a little disheartened!! Oh well Jimmy and I still managed a hug!!

The night was filled with a lot of laughter and a lot of alcohol... poor Nick was drunk when we arrived at the Bar on the Hill, after drinking only a couple of beers that the Mary Ellen (where we all had tea) and a glass of Red that he just had to have with Jimmy to show off the new wine from the wineries! And was also filled with a lot of random, not so good dancing which kept everyone entertained!! All in all it was a fantastic night because it was spent with fantastic people!!

I jumped out of a plane from 1400ft!!

OMG so I have been talking about this Sky dive since I set foot on the sunny shores of Australia and I did it!! I cant believe I actually let myself throw my body out of a plane and the best part is I did it with a SMILE!! Maybe it was to cover up the sheer fear but still it looks better than a frown!!

It was an amazing experience that Nick didn't get to do with me as he refused!! But hey he did do the sky swing in NZ so he had his adrenaline rush!! I think I would have been more nervous had Nick been in the plane ... I feel everything for him! My tandem master was a guy called Nick, lovely man who has been jumping for 8 years!! The jump suit was an interesting look which I don't think I pulled off all that well!!

As we reached the point of no return (14000ft!) and the door was open I didn't even have time to think about the fact that I was now going to be hurtling towards the ground at 215kmph!!! Nick, flipped us out of the plane so that we were the only tandem who did a forward roll out of the plane .. thanks!! made the stomach turn!! and down we went ... panic stricken because I couldn't catch my breath that well I tried to smile at the girl shoving a video camera in my face and look like I was actually enjoying myself!! after a couple of breathless minutes, I relaxed and enjoyed the ride whilst being spun round and round in the air over the most spectacular view I had ever seen! At 5000ft or what felt like less the parachute was open and with a sudden jolt we were flung back up in the sky to come down with a gentle glide!!

After stupidly asking "the parachute is open," Nick led us down, letting me steer the parachute (not good for anyone who has experienced my driving!) and we played on some thermals for a while before making our way to the landing spot. We were the last down after a good 10-15mins in the air (a lot longer than the others had) and didn't I come down with a bump! Not the best landing but still I made it down alive!!

I don't know whether I would do it again some time soon but it is seriously something people have to experience at least once!!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Hunter Valley = A LOT OF WINE!!!

Nick and I finally managed to get up to the Vineyards to spend Emma and Jono's present/voucher -having stayed up till 3am to finish Nicks essay off!! I even did some of the Vertical Analysis! (Worked out percentages! Sounds posher the other way!) so not too sure whether the essay will be as good!!

The accommodation was beautiful....much to Nicks amusement on arrival the name 'Chez Vous' was written in Love hearts....tickled Nick the whole time! and the place had an obvious Paris/French theme which Nick found even more amusing! Still it was nice to have a really nice place to stay with a very nice spa bath!! The owner was a little strange...had a rather large top lip which was made obvious by the bright pink lipstick! but still nice none the less!!! They had a wonderful King Charles Spaniel called Louis who kept me entertained when checking out!

The wine tour we went on was soooooo much fun!! I tried really hard to find a nice wine I actually enjoyed per usual I pulled a face for each time I didn't like it...I tried not to but it just didn't happen!! Finally settled for the dessert wines which as per usual are more expensive and you only really get 1/2 a bottle but still I will savor every moment of the 2 bottles I bought! We had a nice bunch of people on the tour especially Vanessa and Dave (a guy from Cumbria) who were celebrating Dave receiving his permanent residency visa!! Ended up having drinks them in the Irish Pub (Harrigans - how many Irish pubs are they in Australia!)! Really nice! We spent lots of money in the wineries but got some real good deals including 12 bottle os Shiraz (for Nick of course) for $30 which makes it $2 a bottle (one pound!) couldn't believe it! We also go 24 bottles of wine for $100 instead of $260!! Don't you just love it when people produce more wine than they can sell!! Seriously though we couldn't believe it!!

Still we had a fantastic time...shame it was only a couple of days...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Are they winning or loosing!?

I just had to show you this picture from the Trots....can you tell whether Peno and Nick are winning or loosing their bets....i'll give you 3 chances!!!!

Everyone meet Flipper....Flipper meet everyone!!

I have finally got a pet!!! A gorgeous googly eyed fish called Flipper!!(He's the black one!) All i need is another one to call Flapper and then i will be complete!!! Flipper has to stay here in Australia though...i dont think customs will let me take him on the plane!! So Nick is going to look after him for me until i return!!! I certainly will miss him ( the fish that is!hehe)